Serverless Computing, Hands on with AWS-Lambda


Introduction to AWS-Lambda
Basic Diagram for understanding AWS Lambda, Credits: AWS

Writing Your First Lambda Function with Python

Basic Lambda Function Landing Zone
Lambda Function Configuration Page
Test Event Configuration
import jsonprint('Loading function')def lambda_handler(event, context):
return sum,difference,multiply,division
Response structure for the Lambda function

Lambda Functions Automation with Serverless Application Model (SAM) & Github Actions

#Step 1- Build your application
cd sam-app
sam build

#Step 2- Deploy your application
sam deploy --guided
sam deploy --guided output
sam build — use-container
sam local invoke HelloWorldFunction — event events/event.json
sam local start-api
curl http://localhost:3000/
Github Action Workflow Success

Seeing the Results

output from the URL inside API Gateway

More with Serverless using AWS Lambda



Python, DevOps, Cryptography, Infrastructure Automation.

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