Terraform is a famous open-source tool which uses the concept of Infrastructure As Code for the automation and provisioning of many cloud, Infrastructure or such services. It was developed by HashiCorp, it follows a Freemium business model. It delivers consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application.

Infrastructure As Code is a concept or a well-defined process of management and provisioning cloud based systems, data centers or such infrastructures through declarative configuration files, rather than physical hardware configuration or some other configuration management tools.

AWS-EC2 Creation using Terraform

Using terraform to provision AWS Elastic Cloud Compute instances is a…

To get familiar with the cloud environment, getting hands on with a prominent cloud service provider, I think of having some experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Although I have some familiarity with couple of AWS services like EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), S3 (Simple Storage Service) etc.

Starting off, first we need an AWS Account, for which I go for the student account as I am a Master student in Germany, So I just got the One year free account via AWS Educate. …


If we want to have a look at how to build traditional web applications and micro-services in Go language, then there is a framework commonly used named as Gin framework. It is a framework that reduces boilerplate code that would normally go into building these applications. One of library we have in GO language for creating an HTTP server is net/http using which we can easily create a HTTP server. but the point to consider here is that it is not so flexible and it requires some boilerplate code to implement. Therefore Gin comes into the play. It has those…

Recently, I’ve come along a requirement to scrape some content from a website, well it was Wikipedia. I have to utilize it somewhere and try to get something out of that content. Well getting something out of it is another story, trying to achieve this i came across a library used in python named as “BeautifulSoup”, There are many other libraries as well like “scrapy”. But for this task I opted beautifulsoup. It is indeed a good library to scrape off the content from any web-page or website within couple of minutes.

Introduction to BeautifulSoup

Beautiful Soup is a simple library in Python…

A Brief Introduction

Couple of days ago, I started learning GO language, Well it remind me of the days learning C and C++, It’s not difficult to say that those who have a good command over C and C++ can easily get familiar with the GO language. While learning and practicing, I felt like I am programming in C language. First step of learning is setting up the environment which will work independently, Moreover I am not in favor of installation of package and libraries on local system. What I think is to use containerized environment for that using Docker.

Setting up the Environment


One must have…

Let me be the owner of my Data

It’s the start of the year 2020, and day by day we are getting deeply involved with the data and it’s processing, manipulation, analysis and security. In our everyday life we are getting surrounded by applications and tools that are becoming vital for our daily use, with such immense usage of such platforms, applications and data processors there is a always an alarm in everybody’s mind that how their personal data is being collected and used? how it is being manipulated ? Are they selling our personal data to third parties for any purposes ? Is our personal data safe…

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Whenever we talk about developing some web application or any project on any of language or framework, a question always pop ups in our mind, which is “Where to Deploy this app”, how one could see the up and running version of my application or project. Heroku is a platform as a service (PaaS) solution (container based) that enables its users and other developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely in the cloud. In the beginning it only supported applications developed entirely in Ruby programming language, but now it supports Java, Python, Node.js, PHP and GO also.

Basic Python application deployment on Heroku

Heroku is…

Dockerizing a simple python flask application is a simple and easy task to understand the basics of docker file and also to grab the concept of python-flask. For this task we will be using a basic hello world flask application


Here is the complete docker file to setup the docker image for the application.

FROM python:alpine3.7
MAINTAINER Syed Saad Ahmed, syedsaadahmed2094.sa@gmail.com
COPY . /app
RUN pip install -r requirements.txt
CMD python ./index.py

FROM python:alpine3.7

The FROM command is used to state what OS you intend to use as the base image. In this line we are inheriting our…

Monitoring Server Metrics via Prometheus and Docker

For monitoring a server memory, CPU, disk and other stats, we are here using Docker, Prometheus and Grafana in our whole stack. In particular, we have used prometheus an open-source monitoring system with a dimensional data model, flexible query language, efficient time series database and modern alerting approach. for keeping the stack in separate containers and spaces we have kept every service in a separate docker container. Furthermore for scraping the metrics we have used a node-exporter which was provided by the community.

Pre-requisites, requirements & Compiling the Stack

One must have docker and docker-compose intalled in his local system for deploying this stack easily.

Installing Docker


Everybody of us is aware of the name “Nikola Tesla”, A great Serbian-American engineer and physicist whose theories and findings has stunned the people around the globe. He was indeed both an Electrical and a Mechanical Engineer, best known for his immense contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system, Although he was a real genius who was not mentioned much in history, but if one dives deep then he/she will find the name Tesla aligned to every invention and theory in the field of engineering and mathematics.

Mysterious Numbers

He lived in hotel rooms only with…

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